Yard Card Directory was created specifically for independent yard card companies as a national directory as well as a referral vehicle to connect with other independent companies when a referral opportunity arises. 

What are the benefits for a yard card company owner claiming and verifying their listing?

When you claim and verifying your listing you get additional benefits:
* Your listing is locked so that you are the only person who can update it (via the directory dashboard)
* Your listing is marked with the ‘verified’ green and white check mark icon, adding additional trust and credibility
* You get instant email alerts when anyone posts a review or add comments to a photo on your listing
* You can add and manage ‘official’ photos on the front page of your listing (via the directory dashboard)
* Your listing is eligible to be featured on the main directory page
* Your listing will have access to fields that unclaimed listings do not have
* Your listing will have additional photos to display
* Your listing can have additional tabs
* You can have leads sent to you through the ‘Send Me A Lead‘ form on the listing page (Only other claimed/verified users can send you leads)

Yard Card Directory is NOT just a hot link to your web site.

With either of our paid listing packages you get links to your web site and all your social media pages/accounts, multiple photos of your work, promotional videos from your Youtube or Vimeo channel, and your contact information. Creating this content in your listing helps build your presence on the internet. Backlinks are one of the most important aspect of search engine optimization SEO. Backlinks adds value to a web page but if it is not done in the right way it can have a huge negative impact on your ranking. which leads to a dynamic decrease in potential traffic.